A Shemale Sex Story
I had a pretty steamy fantasy about baileyjay. A fantasy where we were both sitting on that very same couch she sits on in these pics. And we weren't there talking either. We were engaged in some very intimate activities. Some of which I am going to relay to you right now.

She was sitting on her couch playing with her hair when I reached over and grabbed a big handful of one of her tits. At first I thought she was going to protest about it and maybe even slap my face. But instead she let out a little sigh of surprise that made me hard as a rock.

And I could tell from the bulge in her panties that I had made an impression on her as well. I knew my sexual advances had made her horny, so I quickly made my move. I gently slid my hand down to her cock and started stroking off her engorged member. With every stroke I could feel her passion level rising and I knew that I was going to get exactly what I had come for. Her beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. A dream that became reality in the blink of an eye.